Sunday, February 7, 2010

Battening down the hatches... again

We are supposed to get another bout of "mixed winter weather" tonight. What fun.

Mr C is still sick... he has said I can take him to the doc later this morning. I am rushing him, since I work a couple of hours this afternoon. Working today will put me at the amount of hours my check reflected for the last TWO weeks! And Boss man said he will be calling me in a couple of times this week to do some 'paperwork' (on the computer!) to get me headed to the new position. I will be jumping from 10 hours a week to 25 hours a week. That should help the finances. Plus the early hours will allow me to continue home schooling as usual.

Matt just woke up. time to feeed him and get the show on the road!
Have a good day!

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truth said...

Sounds good with the job. Now to get that man well. HUGS!