Friday, February 26, 2010

Worn Out...

I have been running ragged the last few days. While my "very early" new shift hasn't yet started, I am working the new position 5 days a week. (Or will be soon.) (I am working store open thru finishing my assigned tasks for now.)

Today the district manager spent the entire day in our store. He went around and made the observation that our store's reputation as the best kept in the district is slipping. Boss credited the chaos to me having my hours cut so severely for the last 6 weeks or so. There were new displays to set up that should have been completed over a week ago. So my boss asked me to stay all day today and train others to set up the displays. In return, I get to be off tomorrow! I will have all 3 of Tom's days off with him.

We will probably undertake major cleaning again... though with all the smaller "deep cleaning" projects we have done lately, it shouldn't be bad at all. Maybe I will defrost the freezer. Definitely going to clean the laundry room.

I got grand daughter Alana's birthday present yesterday. I need to drop that by sometime this weekend. (Unless you want them to come stay tonite or tomorrow, Jennifer!)

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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