Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stirring Up Dust

I tackled my bedroom today. I have been noticing a "moldy" smell in there. With all the cold weather, with Mr C sick... the bedroom window has remained closed, blinds down, curtains closed. In cleaning my way around the room, I took down the curtains to be washed. Opened the blinds... and discovered the moldy smell. The windows- the actual glass on the windows! had mold growing on it. Yuck!
That has now been taken care of.
It is taking me all day to do the room, since I can only do a portion at a time. Remove things, dust them as I go, wipe surfaces down, vacuum, and mop that section. Then I wait for the floor to dry, so I can move things back. Proceed to the next section. There are LOTS of things to move and dust. Some spots (like under the rolltop desk), I have had to blind vacuum. I have found coins, medicine, and a sealed package of ear plugs sucked up into the vacuum. When the current section of floor is dry, I will be shoving the bed to the far (clean!) side of the room to deal with the inevitable dust bunnies and lost socks that accumulate beneath beds. I should be finishing the entire room in another two or three sections.

Happily, I have NOT found mold growing on the walls behind the furniture, as I did a couple of years ago. This house has smelled moldy to me since we moved into it. I strongly suspect it was a run down wreck that had some cosmetic work done just before we rented it. (Like painting over mold!)

Mr C got me a big bag of Hershey's Kisses for Valentines Day. He said that I should eat them instead of asking him for kisses. I totally copped out of Valentines Day this year. No Cards, Candy, or Cookies for anyone.

Please be praying for Tom's Aunt Elaine and his family on her side. She was taken off life support yesterday and moved to a hospice. Tom's Mom has gone to Florida to be with her sister.
Have a blessed day!

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truth said...

This makes me feel so much better. I didn't do anything for Valentine's day either. Last year I bought all of my girls a piece of jewelry, including my daughter-in-law. This year, nothing.