Tuesday, February 2, 2010

High Speed Post

This is my first blog on high speed internet. This picture is several days old... but it still looks much the same outside. Except the roads are clear and dry.

Mr C is home sick again today. He came home Thursday afternoon feeling bad. He spent all his days off being miserable. It appears to be the same stuff that laid me up a week or two back, when I stayed in bed pretty much for 2 days.

I'm sorry. I have a very low threshold for whining. Yes I am sorry you are sick. Take some ibuprofen or NyQuil and go back to bed. Do not sit in here telling me to make you feel better.
My kids have mostly already learned that.
Mr C., I don't think ever will.
Future wives of my sons, you will thank me for being the mean Mom. I do what I can do to help the sick feel better... but don't whine to me over things I can do nothing about. Especially if you will not take medicine.

The High Speed internet was installed yesterday. It was late afternoon before it actually came online. By 8 pm, it was down again. I had to call the customer service people (again) this morning. Happily, I have connected with nice people who speak English, and even Non Geek English. They have fixed us right up both times. (When it comes to computers, it is all Geek to me)

I baked a turkey Sunday. This was a big one. Turkey pot pie for supper last night. MMM MM MMM.

Have a great day!

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Mom said...

Yea! high speed...my high speed is not so....guess I need to call the geek guys...I think it is mostly too much junk on too old a computer..it is probably faster than me anyways.