Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A few pictures

A picture of my cow mug on the window sill... and if you look closely, the window is frozen shut with a layer of heavy frost! This was taken during the cold spell just before Christmas.

Here is my anonymous model showing off the chain maille that he and his brothers have made from a roll of fencing wire. Below is a close up of the anony-Ben-ous model's belt buckle. It is "Starfox". Ben built his own forge from junk. recycled scavenged materials. He then melted down aluminum cans and cast the buckle in a sand mixture. (My kids are SO talented!) They haven't finished the chain maille. It will eventually be closed on the sides and have a head protective hood to go with it.


Mom said...

so very talented ---they must get that from their MOM

truth said...

Very talented and impressive.