Monday, February 8, 2010

Global warming strikes again

We got another 2" of snow/sleet overnight last night. We still had snow from the last snowfall on the ground, though we were beginning to be able to see patches of earth here and there. It is supposed to snow all day today and the 'early overnight'. (We are classified as being a SOUTHERN state! )

Mr C was going to allow me to take him to the Doc yesterday. I had intended to take him early- but 'early' he was in an 'improved' cycle. Thinking he was finally better. (This stuff has done this for 2 solid weeks as of tomorrow. High fever, aches, sweats, feel better. Start over. Add in hacking up lungs.) He knew I had promised to cover 2 hours at work in the afternoon. When the sick cycle began again, I tried getting him out the door. He held off until 45 minutes before I had to be at work. So I dropped him off at the ER. I know how those places work. He would be lucky to be in triage by the time I put my 2 hours in, and returned to the ER.

My shift ended, and I was counting down my cash drawer when he called. He was WALKING towards home. (A mere 17 miles away, in damp 40* weather.. with 102* fever.) He got tired of waiting to be seen. By the time I got to him, he had walked about 2 miles.
He had a bad night. Another bad night, I should say. So as soon as the Doc's office opens, I hope to persuade him to go. Before the roads get worse.

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