Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Fine day

It has been cloudy and overcast, but at least it isn't snowing, sleeting or dropping any other form of frozen precipitation on my head.
I had to venture out to the grocery store for some very bare necessities. Since I hadn't given supper a thought until I was out, I made a quick decision to do spaghetti. Got a bagged salad cheaper than I could have bought the ingredients to make one, and added a loaf of italian bread to the cart.

I have my voice (mostly) back today. I still sound gruff, but the gunk is breaking up. I felt so bad, I was sure I had a fever... but no. All I could muster up was 97.3*, which is even lower than my usual low by a few tenths of a degree.

I offer apologies to my kids and grandkids... I just did NOT make it out to buy Valentines cards and goodies in a timely manner this year. So No treats and cards in the mail from Us.

Yesterday when I was without my voice, my youngest grandson, Tyrel, called me. Ben had to answer the phone, and since Ty is only two and a half, he didn't understand why I was saying I couldn't talk to him. So Ben gave me the phone. My best shout came out as a whisper. Tyrel lowered his voice and whispered back to me! He calls me CowGranny. After a few minutes of whispering, he asked to speak to "Cow-Umpaw". Tom is Tyrel's "Grumpaw". Too cute for buttons!

Hope you have a wonderful day. I have pictures up at Winter Follies!

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