Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Snowman!

Daniel built two huge snowballs to make this snowman.

Sam and Ben helped stack them up.

Mr Snowman is over 7'5". But I think he is a little too plump to play basketball.

Here is Daniel with the finished snowman.

This is a drawing of my eldest son and his three biological children. It was drawn in pencil and ink on an envelope, from individual pictures of the four of them. The artist is really talented, I believe! It was drawn by an acquaintance of my son.

Chris, Alana, Gavin, and Connor.

Mr C actually got up and went to work today! I don't know if he will last all day, as he is pretty weak. But he seems to be feeling much better. My sore throat and bronchial congestion has settled in my larynx. One of the favorite places for the Cruds to settle in me. I have NO voice. My whisper isn't whispery and yelling makes me sound like the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. Yelling also sets me coughing. I don't have any fever at all. Normally, I run at 97.7*. I got all the way up to 98.2 yesterday... and the medical profession doesn't see that even as a low grade fever, since "normal" is 98.6*.

May you have a great day! Look for a blessing in it!

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