Tuesday, February 9, 2010


These pictures were taken around our yard yesterday morning. Then it continued to snow all day.

I am liking high speed internet! I can upload pictures in a matter of minutes, as opposed to a single picture taking 45 minutes to an hour to upload... and that was with making it a lower quality picture first!

And after seeing THIS movie listing... Tom and the boys just had to watch the movie.

[Movie, Science Fiction. (1960) Michael Rennie, Jill St. John. A British professor, a playboy and a rich woman in pink pants see lava and dinosaurs in the Amazon.]

You know what?... the woman in pink pants kept them clean during the whole movie! The male characters were filthy, sweating, grime faced. The woman didn't even have a speck of dirt on her butt after edging along a narrow trail on the side of a cliff, over a magma river, hiney to the wall!

Maybe that is explained on one of the channels we didn't watch: The Unexplained. She also kept her Sexy Hollywood Hair.

Mr C began feeling better yesterday afternoon! He did have a rough night. Pneumonia makes a person cough. A lot. He sounds like a seal on the beach: bark, bark, bark. I'm sure getting more antibiotics into him is going to turn the tide. Smart doctor, kept the course of antibiotics short. Just five days. Some people are notorious for stopping the antibiotic as soon as they feel better.

I learned yesterday that one of Mr C's sisters is also recovering from pneumonia in Idaho.
His Mom is preparing to travel to Florida on Wednesday, to look after her sick sister, Elaine. Mr C's Aunt went to bed not feeling well, and didn't wake up. For two full days, she "slept". No water, food, or potty. Her DH was just going to "let her sleep". One of her grandkids intervened and convinced Elaine's husband to call an ambulance.
The doctors have her on IV's for dehydration, but don't yet know whether she had a brain seizure, a stroke, or what. They found a bladder infection. She did correct the doctor calling her by her first name- she has always gone by her middle name. Other than that, she hasn't done much talking. Mr C's Mom wants to be sure her sister gets adequate care once she is released. Prayers are appreciated for Elaine!

Hope you have a sunny, snow melting, wonderful day!

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