Monday, February 15, 2010

Good and Plenty? Or Pepto- Bismal?

This house is several miles down the road that we live on. Interesting, isn't it?
Makes a person wonder, "What were they thinking?"


Mom said...

Ok so it is pink and pepto lookin', but I looked right past all that and saw the house I grew up in sittin' there. Keyes Grannie's...the porch is 'different' like they put fancy pillars and the steps are in the wrong place...and of course it wasn't 'rock' but the design* is there. I even went and got the picture with your Granny in it to compare and tried to get my scanner to work so you could see (but it wouldn't) Funny how something like that can bring back the memories!!

truth said...

LOL, yes what were they thinking? We have a house on the next block over that I'll have to get a picture of. When Christina was in high school, her best friend lived there. This girl's father still lives there and I think he does his best to annoy his neighbors.