Saturday, June 14, 2008

Left off a Zero

In saying about the HVAC repayment for not sticking out the THREE (not two) years, the apprentice repays the company a pro-rated $13,000. Mr C re-checked what he had told me when he was showing the boys.

Not that anyone here seems the least bit inclined to investigate it further.
Here it is our regular weekend. NOTHING happening. A movie I ordered for Tommy came in, so the guys are watching "Paleface". (A Bob Hope movie if you were unfamiliar with the title.)
Tomorrow is Father's Day. Got some "snakes" for the grill. Yeah, "snake" is a rare treat here, special occasions. Most everyone would guess we are having STEAK... and it would be correct.

My former DIL (I won't embarrass her further by naming her) was coming to dinner with my son at our place in Marlow. DS told her we were having "snakes on the grill". She took him literally and begged him to stop and feed her at Mc Donalds... anywhere... just please don't make her eat SNAKE. DS just laughed and brought her hungry. She was almost in tears when she realized it was steak and not snake.
Another time, back when this girl was our babysitter and not a relation, I called everyone to dinner by yelling, "It's Soup!" She came in and was really disappointed that we were NOT having soup. That was just how I had announced that dinner was ready.

Ok, one last laugh at her expense: She was with her family driving through the country one day... and they passed a hand lettered sign in front of a house: "Fresh Goat's Milk and Eggs". After a few minutes, she remarked aloud, "I didn't know goats laid eggs".
Yeah, we have teased her about this for years. We are just mean like that.
Anyway, so far our Father's Day celebration will be dinner on the grill, and a sack of small presents. I think we got him five T-shirts, a pair of shorts, a stooges DVD, and two identical mugs.
The twins nintendo DS games came today, so I went ahead and gave them to them. The rest of their birthday stuff waits until Tuesday. They chose their cake flavors yesterday. One chose bananananananana cake with strawberry frosting. The other chose lemon cake with lemon frosting.
At least I have a fresh stack of library books, and a brand new Rainbow Resource catalog to keep me occupied.

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