Monday, December 1, 2008

In the Swing

December already. I was talking to my MIL a couple of days ago, and she was saying how time just seems to pass so quickly these days. I agreed... it is reeling by like the toilet paper at the end of the roll.

I am "at 'em" a bit earlier than usual this morning, as I wanted to visit with Tommy a few minutes before Mr C took him to the airport. (Though the flight filled up to the 'red zone' since we checked last night. Mr C is freaking out that Tommy may not get out of here today... like that would be a BAD thing!) (I just checked- he has a seat assigned, so he is on his way!)

December is a "Birthday Month" for us. I have a card ready to mail for Tom's youngest sister . I have ordered a present for Jade, my granddaughter. I took care of Christopher's gift a week or so ago. I have two birthday cards ready for folks having birthday's on the 8th... oops- missed my Uncle on the 7th. The next birthday I have to actually "do something" about is Becky's, on the 16th. And even though I have all month to decide what to do, I best be thinking about Mr C's birthday, instead of letting it sneak up on me.

We have school work to do today. And errands, which I have to be back from before noon, since Ben needs the car to go to work. Matt is back from his 'time off'. I DON'T have to go in to OReilly's after all, at least not the extra days this week.

Mr C has been busy looking at houses again. More seriously than he has looked in awhile... with all of the estimated budgeting and calculating that goes with it. He seems to enjoy 'number crunching'. He showed me one place online yesterday- I loved it! Then he dashed my hopes and said it was too far to even consider. (So why show it to me? Just to see me get excited enough to yank out the rug?)
Right now, the place at the top of the consideration list is local- probably 2 miles as the crow flies, from this house. It is about 5 miles by gravel road... and since Mr C doesn't do dirt/gravel roads, the distance expands in order to stay on pavement. If we moved there, I would still be able to keep Matt. It would be closer, or about the same for Mr C getting to work, but slightly longer for me to get to Oreilly's- travelling on paved roads. It is a double wide. We'll see. You know how things can change on a dime around here.

I suppose I ought to get to checking on the Cyber-Monday deals. Maybe I will find something cool for Becky, instead of the item I mentioned to her yesterday.

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