Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amnesia again

Here it is 3:30 in the afternoon. I finally had a cup of tea and some toast. Mostly, I have slept.. and may go back to bed soon.

The ulcers are gone. I am off Carafate, but will be on Nexium for a year.

The doc discovered other things while he was in there: Gastritus, Diverticulosis, and a Hiatus Hernia.

Fun, Huh?


We had an adventure yesterday. Dan and I left plenty early for his 8:30 appointment. Unfortunately, the Doc was already running behind. It was close to 10 before we got out of there. With a prescription requiring a stop at the pharmacy. So I got lunch meat while we were in WalMart, and the kids made quick sandwiches while I got some chili on to cook in the slow cooker.

Then we headed to Berryville, to visit Laurie and Andrew and their family. We made it through Rogers... and the van began acting very strange... a transmission problem. We got off the road into a parking lot of a building that was for sale- well out of harm's way. There was transmission fluid all over the van- so much, in such a short time, I diagnosed we had probably blown a hose. Stephen and I soon found where the upper hose to the transmission cooler had come off at the hose clamp.

We called Tom, but meanwhile, Stephen and Tommy went to work with their handy-dandy pocket tools... Think Swiss army knife. They had to work THROUGH the grill- about a 1.25" gap. But the hose was reconnected before Tom arrived with transmission fluid and a funnel. Stephen and I had decided that the repair shop that fixed the deer damage had not secured the transmission fluid cooler properly when the van was repaired. It was dangling from the hose that had blown off. We had Tom pick up some zip ties, and secured the cooler to the grill.

It was a very late start, but we made it on over to Berryville. Our visit was fun, but necessarily cut short with the falling dusk. Ty'ger consented to sit right beside of me while we girls visited. Once he was tired of girl talk, he went to visit with his Daddy, and the guys.

Sam challenged a full grown turkey, who didn't like Sam's aggressive challenge. He threatened to whip Sam proper... which most of us found pretty funny. Laurie and Andrew's new house is really shaping up... for pictures, visit their blog by linking through "Laurie's place" on my sidebar.

We got home well after dark, and had some of the delicious venison chili for supper.

Ok, I'm headed back off to rest some more!

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Laurie said...

Sounds like you came through with flying colors! We really enjoyed the visit yesterday!