Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love making plans...

Maybe I ought to find the kind of job where I get to plan out things. Logistics?
With my DIL Seneca's birthday party coming up this weekend- it looks like all 7 of my kids will be together. Last time that happened was on our rafting trip nearly 2 years ago, I think. Of course, it isn't a done deal yet- who knows if everyone planning to come will get to be there?

It should also put all of my grandkids together. They have all been together before- but now there are more of them to gather. It might even turn out that most of my Mom's great grandkids will be together.

Dan and Sam are planning to go home with Becky. They are really excited about it- it has been a long time since they have gone for a visit. They have been doing well in their school work- already doing mostly 8th grade curriculum. (Some areas high school curriculum, other areas they are a bit.... behind. Like spelling.) They are hoping to get to drive home, as well. (As opposed to flying home). They want to take their paintball stuff with them.

On the downside of ALL of us going to DFW... we will have to take the TSD. Jaffa and Drover, the carsick mutts. Why is it some dogs are prone to carsickness? We are going down one day, back the next. I was all for chaining them outside, but Mr C says no.

We have a lot to squeeze into our trip... Seneca's party, getting over to see Aunt Jean, and visiting Granny at the rest home. Unless we get started at the crap of dawn, we won't even arrive until mid-afternoon. And we do have to head home Sunday. I sure hope we can get some family pictures squeezed in.

Yesterday, I was typing away on my blog and must have hit some stray key combination... because it posted before I was even finished typing. I waited to see what the computer was suddenly doing this time... and it went right to displaying my post! Oh well. So I ended with the recipe and everything else went into the cyber landfill. Last night, we just did wings- the easy way. Sprayed my pans with oil spray, spread the frozen wings on the pans, sprayed the wings, and baked them. Swapped the pans from top to bottom halfway through, drained off the accumulated liquids, resprayed the wings, and baked them until they were lightly browned. had some salad, corn, and ranchies on the side.

Hmmm... I wonder if I ought to try to make it to the candle outlet before our trip?

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