Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not Working

I did try to make it to work today. The car first got stuck in the driveway. Tom got it out and pointed down the road in the right direction. I made it to the big hill... and picked up unwanted speed. I was NOT going to brake if I could help it. The car spun to the right... spun to the left, spun to the right again... before I got it headed straight. Since I had not yet had enough fun on the snow, I continued towards work. I made it to the top of the second big hill. There is a stop sign there, and knowing if I stopped, I would be dead in the snow, I just hooked the corner. (I was going slowly!) I didn't have enough momentum, and high centered on the deep snow. I rocked back and forth and spun my wheels awhile. I got out and kicked snow from around all four tires.. I rocked back and forth some more... then called Tom and Tim. (Tim is my boss.)

Tom said he would come rescue me, Tim said if I got unstuck, just head on home.

I DID manage to get going in reverse, and headed home without further incident. The road has since been plowed. But that means I worked ONE hour this week. (Not counting having Matthew.) The new responsibilities need to kick in soon, so I can get some hours in!

Mr C was feeling bad last night. I think he caught the flu bug I had last week... or was it the week before? Anyway, the boys and I have barked on with lingering coughs and sore throats, but otherwise feeling better. Tom is still in the achy joint miseries, and also a bad case of cabin fever. Just so you know, this is day two of his normal three day weekend. He came home early on Thursday with the flu. He will be crazy taking a stay at home vacation for 11 days next month. I sure hope he decides to go on to Ohio and see his brother, or to Texas to see Becky and Tommy.

My Dad and brother are "hanging in there" in their respective hospitals. Brother was diagnosed with pancreasitis, and then blood clots in his legs. He will be in the hospital til Monday at least. Dad's doc decided he had had a minor heart attack and Dad will also be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday. Both are doing well, but anxious to go home.

Thank you for praying! Have a blessed day.

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