Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Already Time

To pay rent for AUGUST! (Hey, I got it out on time this month!)

If you want to see it, here is a link to the 25th anniversary book.

I plan to stay home today... and work on the house. I never got anything done yesterday afternoon. It seems like I just get more done in the mornings than in the afternoons. The don'twannaain'tgonnas get hold of me about four in the afternoon, and I am DONE for the day.

I was just thinking of tearing apart the laundry room storage area. Long ago, in Marlow, I took apart our "library"/ junk storage room for a deep cleaning. I had debris three feet deep in the living room. Tom came in from a Men's Prayer Breakfast at church and told me he had invited a young couple from the church to have supper with us that evening. Yikes! Good thing I can multi-task!

Daniel just came in to point out that the box from his Chess Set has at least TWO "Engrish" fails. I sure wish my camera was working, I'd post a picture of it!
It says: "A nice decoration and an exiting Pastime. Existing out of 32 chess-men and a chess board"
It is great that Dan saw the mistakes- I don't know how many people would miss "exiting" over exciting, or realize that the game consists of , not "existing out of".

Have a great day! I'm off here to get started on my grand stay-at-home plans.



Mom said...

Good morning...sounds like you have a day's work planned out. Me too if I don't sleep all afternoon again...Got to go see BS today...haven't been since Sunday. YKW has figs piled up for me to do something with too..I've been cutting up and putting in freezer bags so I can 'jam' them all at one time when they are all ripe. Called and left a message for Chris that they are ripe..hope he doesn't miss out on them..he loves figs almost as much as I do. Guess I had better get dressed (before noon) and start something. Have a good day.

Becky said...

My oomph runs out after morning too. Only it is about noon that I no longer feel like doing anything.
And that is funny about the engrish on the chess. I am glad Daniel noticed, that means his reading skills must really be improving.