Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Sale!

Tuesday, the boys and I went to the local grocery store in Gentry. We needed (okay- WANTED) some vanilla ice cream to go with the blackberry cobbler we were making for my Mom. Hooray... the store had it on sale!

Blue Bunny: 2 for $8.00!

Regularly priced... $ 3.98 each.

Hmmm... not much of a sale. I pointed this out to the cashier. She said I was the third person this week to comment on the sale. She tried (in vain) to do the math. One of the twins told her... it would be four cents cheaper to buy two NOT on sale.

The clerk still seemed puzzled. We didn't buy the ice cream.


Becky said...

I bet she weren't home edjumacated neither. Then she wuld be smart like us'ns.

Becky said...

Oh yes and something else.


truth said...

I used to be shocked at these kinds of sales. But it seems to happen frequently these days. I saw this in the produce the other day. A sign with the "new lower price," but somebody forgot to take down the previous price. You guessed it, it was higher than the regular price. And the bag was smaller.

Someone must think we are idiots.

Julie said...

I laughed as I read this because I read the sale price and original price before i scrolled down and read the rest of the post as I was thinkin, hmm sale huh? Then read the rest of the post and started laughing lol
*Shakes head* Public schooled kids lol