Monday, July 6, 2009

what happened to blooming where I'm planted?

I really don't know. Mr C didn't like any of the places we looked at enough to put an offer in on one. He is back to searching the internet for different ones, and scouring the homes for sale magazines.
My work weekend was OK, but SLOW. The store probably shouldn't have even been open. One of my co-workers and I put in some hours on straightening and organizing the back room, where the overstock sits. Oil is organized by brand now, as is all the rest of the overstock. My cash drawer deposit was $14.10 Saturday. Not big bucks, for sure.
Tom and the boys got a few fireworks and set them off Friday and Saturday night. We could see fireworks over east- whether Centerton or Bentonville, I don't know. I missed the rest of the kids. Ben was working, and for the last several years the 4th of July holiday has been the day all my kids have gathered. (Two years for river floats, others just to visit.)
Today, I have the house to clean and I need to set off flea bombs. Despite baths with flea shampoo, almost daily dousing of flea spray, and the "Frontline" drops down their backs, these dogs insist on having fleas. A baby flea jumped on me in the chair yesterday. Dan and I want to go blackberry picking... take advantage of God's bounty! And I would like to go down to Lincoln and see what fruits the orchards have ripe right now.
Since Ben has to work at 1:00 today, I can't really do the bombs this morning. Not fair to roust him from his bed so early when he works until late... and if I wait until he is up, he won't be able to get ready for work on time due to the fog of the bombs. So I will probably do blackberries and housework today, and then set off bombs tomorrow and go to Lincoln while they work. (It will be Ben's day off.)
The weather has turned off (relatively) cool and overcast. We had quite a downpour Saturday- a regular toad strangler. The high yesterday was 82*, and about four in the afternoon, the temperature began to drop ahead of a cool north breeze. It was delicious!
I haven't checked on what it is supposed to do today or tomorrow.
Well, me fellow blackberry hunters have wakened on their own, so I suppose I better go get more appropriately dressed and get out the door before the cool of the morning turns to the heat of July. Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

Hope you got enough berries for my blacksberry cop...and don't let those twinks eat em all up from me neither...not my fault I can't come THIS week!! Guess I need to get packing...ttyl