Friday, July 3, 2009


We looked at two places last night, and did a driveby on the fourth place on our list. The third place, we looked at this morning. "Funny"... the place this morning was one we did a drive by on a couple or three years ago, and rejected due to the location. (It stayed on the possibility list until it sold, though. Now it is back.) It is 8.33 acres, on the inside curve of a circular road. Perched on a hillside. Dogs roaming freely for ours to "pack" with. It is a "newer" mobile home, but a smoker lives there and it needs some work. Right now it is "second" on the list.

The "real" house is on 1.4 acres. It is quite old, and has had some updates. The front bath opens off the kitchen... the bath is "updated" like a home makeover show- new tub, pedestal sink. The kitchen- Hmmm. I think it is somewhere in the 40's. The dining room, Becky would love. It is scarlet red, with white accents. The front bedroom is electric lime green. The second bedroom, off the laundry room off the kitchen... has the second bathroom IN it. Not divided off... but the tub and toilet three feet from the bed. On the plus side, it has nice trees, including fruit trees on the place. This place is "third".
The driveby will remain off the list, as far as I am concerned.

The doublewide in first place is on 10 acres, down south of Watts, OK. We saw it three or four years ago online, I don't know if it has sold in the meanwhile or was rented out, but is "new" again to the market. This place felt more like home than any we have looked at to date. It has a muddy red pond, very like our Central High place. I just really liked it best, though it had some drawbacks- like "rural water" instead of a well. And price... It is most expensive, except for the real house.

So we are thinking it over. All the places except this one made me feel... uncomfortable. I can't pin down why. The place this morning (the second place contender) had me feeling almost panicky. Third place, I felt antsy... but not so much as this morning. The "first place" contender, as I said, just felt like "home". We will see what Mr C decides to do!

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Becky said...

Ah, to feel at home again. I like living here, but can't say that it REALLY feels like home. Not like Central did.