Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trying to decide if yesterday went well...

The closet area in the laundry room has been revamped. The boxes in it have *all* been gone through. I have a car trunk full of give-away, headed out this afternoon to a thrift shop and the library.
(I forgot this was Ben's 4am-1:00pm day when we loaded the trunk.)

Our library has a book store, where you can donate books. I have three big boxes for them. (I was thinking of ebaying some, but I checked ebay. The ones I would of tried to sell had dozens to hundreds of copies for sale, and NO BIDS on any of them. I checked Amazon for the same books- and they had at least 88 copies of one of the books, with a starting sales price of .44 cents. I just don't have the energy to waste listing something, packing it, and mailing it, for .44 cents. I'd rather donate.

The rest of the laundry room still looks trashed. The front room, my command center, is still trashed. While I say I went through *all* of the boxes... I am still going through some of them in depth. I found four more BIG boxes of pictures- framed and unframed. I have been working on the first box for hours.

Mr C couldn't believe I was throwing away pictures. Many were pictures of scenery... no explanation of where it was or when it was, or why it was taken. No people in them. Toss. Some badly faded, fuzzy pictures of people. Toss. People I couldn't identify at all... I know they may have been kids of people we went to church with 25 years ago... but not who. Toss. A million of Chris and Jennifer's wedding- with Jennifer's family- with just the decor at the reception... Toss.

I made a pile of pictures to send to others... like Jennifer's wedding cake Mom made- she can put it in her cake picture collection. It was a spectacular cake- even if Bridezilla pitched a fit because it had "white ribbons and(she) thought (she) made it plain she wanted COLORED ribbons on it!" I have a pile Chris and Bill can decide ownership of... high school friends of theirs, a party they went to with Mrs Stuckey. A stack for Uncle Buck, with pictures of Luke and Eric and Lorena. I figure the boys may like pictures of their mom.

I have barely made a dent in the first box. So many of these will need to be scanned and saved to disk... or added to yet another photobook.

I liberated a five foot high stack of books we should be using this school year. Kicked myself for all of the stuff I missed using for the twins in fifth, sixth, and seventh grades. I really need my own library room again! I put the boxes of books that I wanted to have handy up closer to the front of the closet this time. (Becky was right- I do still have the encyclopedias and the Childcraft books I thought I had given to her.)

I used the two huge plastic bins that Mom sent my china up in to house sewing stuff in one box, and craft supplies in another. Both are also accessible now. Daniel burned about a dozen boxes I emptied. (Or that were piled in the laundry room empty.)

I had planned on beans for supper, and had gotten some Great Northern beans on to speed soak. Then I forgot about them. Four thirty is a bad time to remember beans you planned to serve at five forty-five. I had Sam dig out the pressure cooker. Dan helped me get the cornbread ready. We finished just as Mr C got home.

This morning, I still have the laundry room to finish cleaning. My room and bathroom never made it far enough to be called "clean" this week. The living room and the kitchen are still "hung over" from yesterday. Pretty much, the whole house is trashed. I have fallen victim to our family's traditional cleaning madness... You empty the room you want cleaned, then sit down with a cup of tea while you painstakingly do minute tasks that aren't going to be seen by anyone. (Like sorting through the pictures instead of finding homes for the books I pulled out of boxes.)

I still have my big "catch-all" desk to unpile in the laundry room. I got Tom's dresser done yesterday. I moved the big mechanic's toolbox from next to the washing machine, to in front of the neatly re-stacked closet. Much easier for Tom to access his dresser now. Gives the room the illusion of a lot more space.

OK. Quit gabbing about what I need to do, and actually get started doing it. Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

Oh sure .....tell the whole world how your MOM cleans (or not) The top of the dresser can be piled to the ceiling and I will be 'color coding' and arranging my sock drawer!! I need to do that with my pictures....I save every one....heads chopped, a hole in the floor from three remodelings ago....twelve of the same picture....etc..You do come by stuff honestly haha. At least I DID finally throw away the caps to the dried up paint tubes ! On another note, Robbie called and may get to be thru here this weekend. He picked up a load going down near Waco and thinks his next one may be OKC. Hope so...will be good to see him. We really had storms this morning...the city's automated warning system called about five a.m. ..I didn't get up but sounded like a lot of wind and rain coming down. Well you made me feel like I shoud be cleaning on something so have a good day...(probably a nap tee hee)