Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A berry fine day

The boys and I have been processing berries all day. The blueberries need picked over, spread on cookie sheets, and frozen. Then they are put into freezer bags and put into the deep freeze until ready to use. So far, we have only made it through the first gallon.

The blackberries were washed, cooked down to pulp, strained. Then the juice was mixed with sugar and pectin and boiled... then sealed into jars. So far, it looks like this batch of jelly is going to be very thin. If it is too thin once it cools, I will remelt it and add another packet of pectin. We got fourteen half pints today, to add to the 22 we had already done. I hear the little "pinks" of the jars sealing as they cool.

So far, the cherries are just evaporating. Which is OK.

I put chicken in the slow cooker and poured a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette dressing over it. If it doesn't start cooking faster, I may have to finish it up out on the grill.

I organized my canned goods cabinet this afternoon. I have plenty of green beans, tomato sauce, and mixed veggies. I don't have many crushed or stewed tomatoes, which I use far more of than tomato sauce.

The organization is overdue... did I mention I made spaghetti for supper the other night? I had the sauce done and the water boiling for the noodles when I discovered I didn't have any spaghetti noodles. I had to serve the sauce with Penne pasta. Tom and the boys were not all together impressed with the improvisation. I am intending to serve rice with the chicken tonight. And probably, green beans. LOL.

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