Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesterday's cleaning/ rearranging had an expensive side effect. When we were cleaning out the aquarium, I noticed the bottom seal seemed to be loose. Ben checked it and decided it was OK, and shouldn't leak. Later in the afternoon, I noticed the water level seemed to be down a good half inch. I thought I might be mistaken, but noted the water level.

About 8:30, I happened to glance and the aquarium again... and the water level was down a good two inches. I investigated. The mat it sits on was saturated. There was water on the floor behind the buffet. I quickly began fishing out the three goldfish, and plopped them into the gallon jar we had used earlier while cleaning out the tank. I put the aerator in with them, and send Ben off to Wal~Mart, the only place I figured would be sure to have an aquarium at 9:00 pm!

When he returned, it wasn't with the simple 10 gallon tank I had sent for. All they had was a "complete aquarium set up". $50.00 plus tax. Egads! These are three stupid GOLDFISH. I'm not 100% sure, but I think we bought them when we lived in Westville, to keep Petey company after some fishy disease killed off his tank mates. Not including fish food, we probably have a good $20 each invested in GOLDFISH.

But I didn't demand Ben return the set-up and leave the fishes crowded into the gallon jar. We set it up, and it looks quite nice. The boys were pitching all the old stuff in the trash. I said NO. Who knows when we might have need of a terrarium.

Today we have more cleaning on the agenda. And maybe making the second batch of blackberry jelly- we never did get to that yesterday.


Mom said...

Maybe you will have to get a Petey JR so as not to waste the aquarium.

Becky said...

OHOH, do you have an extra filter then and aerator then? That is all I need for my tank, but they cost so much I haven't gotten them.

Anonymous said...

there you go then........ recycle that stuff and make one lil grill happy!!love you both