Monday, July 13, 2009

Another slow weekend

I was home shortly after noon Sunday. My co-workers said it had been crazy busy all week. But both Saturday and Sunday, we were so very slow that we actually got done with everything that had to be done. Including mopping floors and killing giant dust bunnies that hide on top shelves in the back rooms.

I slept in this morning, then ran my local errands. I had a box of stuff I had to mail to Tommy- and I can't send a plain old box of just what is NEEDED. I had to include something for Becky and for Ty. I decided on a stop at the Little Debbie store. So we left the box open, and Dan and I set out for Gentry. We got the Little Debbies, and put several into the box, and sealed it up. Then we stopped at the bank for me to deposit my check. From there, it is a little bit farther up the road to the Post Office. (I can just see the Post Office X-Raying the box... it is full of hoses and automotive belts... and Little Debbies. In X-ray, I'm sure it would look suspiciously explosive.)

From the post office to the grocery store... where we got more white grape juice and sugar free pectin. (I am making more Cherry Jam).

For this batch, I am going to use the full strength white grape juice concentrate. The store had a sale on the Washington Cherries... but no stock. So I got a rain check on them. For the next batch, I may try adding a small amount of sugar- depending on how well we like this batch with the concentrated juice.

I suppose I had better quit playing here online and get busy on the housework and canning before I run out of steam. I always get so much more done in the mornings... I run out of Gitty-up in the afternoons.

Have a blessed day!


Becky said...

MMMM, Little Debbies. I ALMOST bought some at wal mart the other day, but like a good girl, I talked me out of it... Maybe I knew you were sending me some.
PS. I just got done loading SOME more of the Ohio pictures, plus the ones of GR.

Mom said...

Hi we are back from your dad's ---a good visit and Kathie is doing much better. I am glad to be home ttyl