Thursday, July 2, 2009

House hunting, chapter ??

I have lost track of the number of places we have looked at on the great house quest. This evening, we go to see 2 more places, both in Watts, OK. One is a 'real house' on a large lot. The other is a doublewide on 10 acres. Tomorrow, we have an early appointment to see a place (another doublewide) on 8 acres near Jane, MO. There is a fourth place, which we haven't scheduled yet, in Maysville, AR. Maysville has one foot in Oklahoma, and is a stones throw from MO.

Anyway... *yawn*.

We went to the library this morning, then to WM for groceries and sundries. I feel like I am falling asleep in my tracks. I should be in there making jelly... I need some giddyap and go. Today is Ben's 4am-1pm shift.

Guess I ought to make myself a cup of tea and see about getting that jelly started. Or maybe just have a nap.

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Mom said...

the nap sounds like a winner to me ... we just got back from out in the heat (102) to mail out some bills and get the tags for the travel trailer. We had lunch at a new place that just opened while we were is a breakfast/lunch...homecookin' place.Not too bad....all the guys at the coffeeshop had been bragging about it all week. The portions were large and cooked well. No smoking which was nicem and since it's new everything was all sparkly clean and the waitstaff quite friendly. love ya..good luck on the houselooking.