Monday, July 27, 2009

This Week with the Cow Crew

It seemed to me I was a lot busier than I really was since I last blogged. I worked the weekend at O's.... which was decidedly NOT busy. Came home by 1:00 Sunday, in fact. Mr C took me on a driveby of a local house. Probably 4 miles as the crow flies... but farther when avoiding the tire shredding gravel roads. I don't think he is interested enough to actually go see it in person.

This week: I have groceries to obtain. The 3 week repeat of bug bombing. I have to finish the anniversary gift for me Tom and get it submitted for printing. (Probably best to do this at the library!) Make the "back to school" lesson plans. Organize the packed boxes in the laundry room and see what school books I have packed away in there... we had only packed away the ones I wouldn't be needing for a 'few years'... and now we have been here almost four years. Oh yeah, and Tyrel's birthday present to get mailed. Bad Granny, missed getting it sent off in time.

I let my expensive peaches go bad... they were discovered by the sugar ants. (Yeah, we are still dealing with them!) I am hoping the bug bombing will kill off all the ones currently in here, and maybe the Terro (tm) ant baits will stop their sisters and cousins from returning to my cupboards and countertops.

I am thinking that tomorrow's excursion (we have to be gone 4 hours for the bug bombing) may involve taking the boys to see a movie or something. (They may prefer our newest hobby of strolling through antique stores.)

I'm pretty sure I get Matthew back this coming Sunday. So I really ought to concentrate on getting rid of my hidden pockets of clutter... the drawers and files and shelves and piles of stuff we don't use anymore. (Add a trip to Goodwill onto the list.)

So... my morning cup of tea is finished, I have read through the blogs I visit, and posted my own. Guess I ought to get started on that list!

Have a blessed day!

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