Thursday, July 23, 2009


Chris and Ben arrived yesterday afternoon. Chris and I visited awhile, and after supper he was able to contact Jennifer and we got to go see the kids. Connor and Alana wanted to come home with us, and Jennifer let them. It was after 9:00 pm when we got here, so it was a very brief visit.

Chris and Jennifer had an appointment together this morning, and I dropped Chris off. I took Connor and Alana to the park. they behaved very well, playing nicely together. My only issue was Connor's language. Ahem. I had to remind him repeatedly that he was NOT to use the words he was using.

It was really good to see them- it has been an entire year since I have seen Connor and Alana.

My anniversary project isn't finished yet... I was really hoping to be done with it today. Stupid slow internet! I have about 10 days before the 25th anniversary.


Mom said...

Sure glad you got to see the kids. I talked to Chris a minute while he was waiting for his flight this afternoon. love you Mom

Mom said...

FRIDAY: got my pictures...thanks a heap!!