Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It was rainy and storming for most of the morning. I got online once the storms had passed... and was only on for 10 minutes or so, when the internet cut off and would not reconnect.

I tried rebooting the computer... nope, no internet.

So I checked the phone line... dead. No static, no open line silence, no dial tone. Just nothing. I waited a few minutes and checked again. Still a dead line. I gave it half an hour, then called the repair service. He had me test the line coming into the house... it was also dead. He promised to send a repairman. The boys and I got busy and made another 10 half-pints of cherry jam.

After Tom left back to work from lunch, Dan, Sam, and I went out to the local peach orchard. They didn't have any "pick your own" today... but sold us a small pre-picked bucket for $12. Yikes. I didn't dig through them until I got home. They ought to be ashamed. They are crunchy-hard, and quite blemished. None ripe enough to eat. We stopped in at the local grocery store, and I redeemed my rain-check for cherries.

Once the groceries were put away, we made another batch of fresh salsa. We had made a batch yesterday, using up a bunch of my tomatoes from my garden. We tried it with a couple of tomatillos- which I have never used before. It turned out so well, we had to buy tomatoes and make another batch. (Not enough to can, but a huge bowl of fresh!)

The phone line was restored while we were gone... but the internet still was not working. All of the phone jacks except the main one entering the house, were still dead. Unless I moved a computer set-up, I couldn't get online.

Dan and I made a batch of enchiladas for supper. They were great! (And we have plenty left for lunch today!) After supper, Mr C went out and looked at the outdoor phone box. He found a broken wire, and reconnected it. That fixed the jacks that had been dead.

I checked my emails... and found that the lady who had sold me the two pairs of wranglers had refunded half my $$... she had double-listed the jeans. GRRR.

This morning, I will be going to get Ben- and Chris- from the airport. Chris has an appointment tomorrow in Bentonville. I have a small stack of mail to stop off at the post office- my shutterfly prints came in and I got them divvied up. Since we bought MORE cherries yesterday, I also have them to deal with. The end of July is sure sneaking up on us!

Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

WELL I wondered if storms was the reason...started to call but had a very busy day (Bonnie Sue) trying to get her phone 'moved'. She had to be moved to another room...her roomie din't like her being there (or anyone else for that matter...she 'attacked BS 3 times even thowing her breakfast tray and hitting her with it....and wrestled with all of the aides that tried to calm her..they decided the solution was to move BS which they decided right after I had ended the phone call to put her service in that room. The new jack available. Phone co wants $95 to put one in..not feasable..she will probably just use her cell. Sounds like you and the boys had a busy day...that jelly is sure good. I opened the blackberry of course. YUMMMM!! I would be upset over the baby wrangles's too...the shipping is what is so high...on two not so bad but for one that sure brings that selling price up...she should give you a break there too. not just the refund on the jeans. Well ykw has his eye doctor appointment in awhile so guess I had best get ready. love you all.