Monday, July 20, 2009

Why am I so sleepy?

Hmmm- let me recount:

Last night I waited up for Ben to get home, to tell him Mr C had booked him on a flight to visit Chris, leaving at 5:40 this morning. He had to be ready to walk out the door by 4:30am. (We are less than 10 miles from the airport, and it is all country- no city traffic.)
While waiting for Ben to get home, I got interested in a movie. Not smart enough to just turn it off and go on to bed once the message was delivered, I was up until 1:15 am.

I woke at 3:20 and couldn't get back to sleep. So instead of Mr C taking Ben to the airport, I said I'd take him, allowing Mr C a bit more time to sleep. (He had work today and didn't sleep well last night.)
Mr C suggested we go ahead and print Ben's boarding pass... then got up to do it himself. When the pass printed... it wasn't a boarding pass. It was a "space available" pass allowing Ben through security to see if he could get on the flight. Since the flight was wide open when Mr C booked it yesterday afternoon... he decided to check the status this morning.

Yikes! Ben was #40 on the waiting list for this flight!

I took him to the airport anyway, and stayed up once I got home, in case I had to run back over and get him. He called me about five after six... he had been put on the waiting list for the 6:50 flight and wanted to stay to see if he made that one. (He was #14 on the standby list by then.) So I had to wait up and see if I needed to go get him from that flight. (He did make that flight, but I didn't know it until 7:00 am).

By then, I was pretty well awake, and surfed the internet until the twins got up. Our plan was to go to the library. The twins slept until after 9:00 am! They almost never do that! They were anxious to go to the library... but I was decidedly woozy by then. I HAD to lay down. I slept from about 9:45 until NOON.

Yep. NOON.
(Combined with the two and a quarter hours of sleep I got last night, I am now up to five hours sleep of the last 38 hours.)

Once I got up, we made lunch, then headed to town. I worked on my latest project at online at the library, and made good progress on that. It was nearly four by the time we got home... and I had to re-think supper plans. It was threatening to pour rain- and we had planned to cook out.

I sauteed chicken in a skillet instead. Got good reviews from the boys, but Mr C wasn't thrilled with it. (Seasoned with lemon pepper... and during the last 15 minutes I added a splash of OJ and a trickle of honey, and some red pepper flakes... then left the lid off for it to thicken down. *I* liked it!) We also had wild rice pilaf and salad.

I just ordered a couple of pair of baby wrangler jeans off ebay... and forgot to change the address to Becky instead of here. So those will be too late for Ty'ger's birthday. Oh well. Things happen when you are wiped out tired. And it isn't like Ty will CARE about clothes or birthdays at this point.

Yawn. It is 9:00 pm, and I am thinking bedtime!

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Becky said...

Yay, Baby Wranglers! He is getting close to outgrowing the ones he has.