Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We set off the bug bombs this morning- the three week followup required for ridding the place of fleas. I was going to skip it, not having seen any fleas lately. Not until yesterday, anyway. I found a flea-like insect as I was making up my bed.

We were going to go see a movie. Not checking ahead, we got to the theater complex and found it didn't open until 11:30- an hour and a half away. And it was $8.95 a person to get in... though we weren't terribly keen on any of the movies being offered. Ben had already made plans to meet a friend at a bookstore- which was coincidentally at the same mall as the theater.

While Ben awaited his friend, Dan and Sam and I explored the bookstore. We spent $55 on books- not bad for the haul we came away with. Ben's friend arrived and we abandoned them entering the bookstore as we left.
It was time we could have gone to the theater, but we decided against it. We found an Arby's and got lunch. Did you know they have a limit of the number of 5 for$5 specials you can get? (The special 5-for$5 is only weekends anyway.) We were pretty sure that they seldom sell anyone the limit... 250 sandwiches! And you have to call ahead if you want 50 or more!

We still had just over two hours left to kill. Taking the longest route, we went from Bentonville over through Gravette, and towards Gentry, stopping at AD Distributing. Daniel found what he has been looking for : Chess Sets. He had discovered that the Bentonville Library didn't have any chess sets to help people pass time while they waited for other people. (Heaven forbid one should pass waiting time READING at the library, while Mom works on a project online). Dan asked if the Library would accept a donation of some chess sets. They said yes... and he poured all of his earnings from the last few jobs he worked for the neighbors, into a Chess fund. He bought 2 sets, pretty glass sets, to give.

AD Distributing didn't have nearly as much stuff as it once did, so we weren't there too long. With still 45 minutes before we could air the house, we stopped at Dollar General. I found a collage photo frame, and we got some soap to make laundry detergent. The boys got candy... and we headed on home.

It was almost 90*, so I only let the house air for half an hour before turning on the air. The spray residue is cleaned up, laundry is churning. Daniel is re-re-re admiring the chess sets. Ben is still off with his friend... not sure if we are picking him up or if he will be given a ride home. I need to go clean up my bathroom, and vacuum the house. I guess I ought to get on with that!

Have a great day!


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Becky said...

That is sweet of Daniel. I hope people don't steal or tear them up.