Monday, January 11, 2010

01 11 10

Today has an interesting date... it reads the same forward as it does backwards! A palindrome!

I woke this morning half an hour before Mr C had to be out the door. (He usually wakes me when he leaves, so I will be ready when Matthew gets here.)

We had a funny Matt Moment yesterday. Daniel and Sam were making almond bark pretzels. I offered one to Matthew. He looked at me like I was crazy, and shook his head no. I ate the pretzel. Matt looked at me like I was out of my mind. I put a pretzel in his hand, and ate another. Matt stared at me suspiciously. I told him to eat the pretzel. Matt says, "Me Tammy, that white stuff for BONES!"
I cracked up. Matt's Mom had made dog bones dipped in white chocolate as holiday treats for her dog, and for her friends' dogs. Matt wasn't about to eat dog food.

Have I mentioned this year, how happy I am to be homeschooling my kids?
I was reminded of it this morning. I offered to start Mr C's car while he got his shoes on, once he reached his critical juncture this morning. (Every morning, he gets up waaaaay early, then dilly dallys until it is past time for him to go. He says, without fail, "I've got to Hur- Ray!" as he scrambles to finish dressing and gathering his necessities.)

It was still very dark as I started the car.
But I heard kids scuffling and talking... the neighbor kids were out at the end of their driveway, awaiting the school bus. They have to be out at the road, in the dark, at 20 til 7 in the morning. It is less than 15* out there, the driveways are still snowbound, and you can't see your hand in front of your face beyond the reach of our land light. I didn't actually SEE the kids until the bus came by and I saw them climb aboard. It is almost 4:30 in the afternoon when they get home.

We have to go to the library today. School will take up half the morning. The boys can do Math, Science, History, Art, Reading, Spelling, "Building Thinking Skills", Computer, and all the other sundry subjects, in just a few hours time. They don't spend three hours every day on the bus.

They can prepare meals, do laundry (under duress), go paintballing, ice skating, shooting their potato cannon, hunt squirrels and rabbits. They can shop, mail packages, buy money orders, wash cars and pump gas. (Recite "pi" out twenty-something places for fun....) Yep. I am so glad to be home schooling.

My "new" position at Oreilly's has been approved. However, with the extreme weather, sales have been down to the point that the boss has been sending EVERYONE home early. I worked two hours this week. The new position has to be put off until business picks back up. While batteries, wiper blades and water pumps have been selling like crazy... they aren't enough to keep everyone paid. I didn't even get my cash drawer out for the two hours I worked Saturday... I was just training on the new routine.

Today is supposed to get up to 40*! The yard will probably turn to muck.
Hope you have a great day!

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