Monday, January 25, 2010

New week

Saturday afternoon was grandson Connor's birthday party at Fun City. It is sort of like Chucky Cheese. I think Connor had a good time. I was very moved when one of the very little kids there was upset because he wanted to open presents too. Connor went over and hugged him really tight and told him that his birthday was coming soon, and not to cry.

As Dan and Sam and I were preparing to leave, I was looking for Alana to get another picture of her out having fun. There were probably 500 people in the place- I never did find her. But I did find a small boy crying. No one was paying the little guy any mind at all and he looked terrified. So I asked if he was lost. He was.
I took him to the main desk host- figuring that a place as huge and crowded with children had to have some sort of system for dealing with lost kids. The guy just took the little one and started wandering around looking! It was only a minute or two until we found a desperate daddy. I'm sure the poor little guy was probably so traumatized he will hate crowds forever. Really, though, I would have expected a more elaborate system in place for dealing with missing children. The place was so chaotic that anyone could have snatched the kid and been out the door with no one the wiser.

Here is a Link to Connor's Party pictures. Some are a bit blurry. On a couple, I took the pictures through the glass of the claw machine Connor was using. They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Connor got to spin the birthday wheel of fortune, and won the top prize of 1000 tickets! I haven't called him to find out what prize he went home with.

Daniel and Sam had a good fair time at the party. On the way home, they were talking, and one said to the other: "If you ever think you want to have kids, you should go to a place like that for a few hours. It would probably cure you of wanting kids in a hurry."

We don't have any big plans for this week. Just school work and putting out a few 'hotspots' around the house where clutter piles up. D&S cleaned their room yesterday. It wasn't exactly a voluntary cleaning. I ended up with an extra six loads of laundry- mostly pillows and blankets.

Mr C DID it! He signed us up for DSL internet! We will have the equipment in a few days. Down side is, it pretty much commits us to be here in this house for the next two years. (There is an early cancellation penalty).

But knowing we will be here that long, I am going to plant me some flowers. Maybe even some of those tall skinny trees that grow really, really fast. I would plant the trees where my view of the pond is blocked. I want to add some rose bushes to the side of the porch. And hang my pictures back up on the walls!

May you have the very best of days today!

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Mom said...

Oboy flowers, trees, plants, like, bloom where you are planted. If you do end up moving someone will enjoy what you don't get to. Love you bunches!!!