Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is my 500th post on . Wow. Who knew I was so full of hot air? Would it really be hot air, since I am not, in fact, actually talking, but typing?

Today is my grandson Connor's 9th birthday. I really wanted to call him this morning, but figured he was on the bus by the time I was awake enough to remember this is his birthday. I will try to remember to call him this afternoon. I remember seeing him born. In some ways, it seems like just a few weeks ago, and in other ways, I would think he ought to be 20 by now. And was it just 9 years ago that Sam asked me, on my return from Connor's birth in Claremore, "Now that you are Grandma... who is going to be our Mom?"

It is a gorgeous, sunny day here. My plants are out on the porch for a sunning and watering while we clean in here. My big tree is pushing against the ceiling. I left it in here because it is just too big to tote in and out. (Laurie, are you still willing to give a tree a dome? er, home?)
The warm weather has brought us hundreds of flies swarming the porch, and coming in every time someone opens the door. We spent a good while this morning killing the flies that had already made their way inside.

Days like today make me think it is time to start gardening... but I know good and well we have plenty of winter left to endure. So I suppose we will just stick with our spring cleaning for now.

As usual, I really don't have much to say. Same old day to day here. Hope your day is blessed!

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