Friday, January 8, 2010

Unexpected Day off

The boss called me this morning, and said the store has been dead for 2 days... and today is even colder than it has been all week... so I am getting the day off! The weatherman expects us to reach a high of NINE today... and that is not factoring in wind chill. So far we are up to 1* or 2*. BRRRR.

Mr C and the boys had to change a flat tire on Tom's car. Not fun in the best of times, and really unpleasant today.

Yesterday I made chicken and dumplings for supper... a suggestion from Seneca! Today, I have a hearty soup on, plus Grandma Ruby's Hot Rolls on the rise. It is so cold, they are rising very, very slowly.

Dan and Sam have been doing schoolwork... and as much of it as they can do under their blankets on their beds, they have done there. Sam has just finished the latest book in the Warriors series... and Dan has begun a different serial book. We have been hunkering down!

Hope everyone has a great day. Stay warm!

1 comment:

Becky said...

I almost called you earlier, but then I remembered you were working....but you aren't!
I was going to make chicken n dumplins last night, but Stephen requested fish and fry's instead!