Monday, January 18, 2010

Where has the month snuck off to?

I have hibernated the last couple of days. I don't know if I have a cold or a mild case of flu. I have spent about 21 of 24 hours in bed... maybe more. Barely put in an appearance yesterday. Today I am "up", but I can't say "at 'em". I have been alternating between freezing and sweating. The bedcovers are soaked on my side.

Daniel and Sam are out running. Becky asked them to come to a 5 K run in Snanjlo on March 6. That is my Dad's birthday. Granddaughter Alana will be 7 on the 5th. This month... this WEEK! Grandson Connor turns 9. My BIL Bob has a birthday as well. Anyway, That would mean getting Dan and Sam to Becky's sometime during that week.

Eagle is doing a shift change next month, so Mr C's days off are going to change slightly. He will be off on Mondays instead of Fridays. He may take advantage of the shift change week, which will give him 4 days in a row off, add in a couple of "must be used by March" banked holidays, and maybe a vacation day out of his 5 weeks of paid vacation... and take off. I asked him what he planned to do? (Oh please please please please do not use 11 days off to hang around the house when you are bored to tears with just your 3 days a week off!) He may go visit his Mom and brother in Ohio. The way he said it, "I would feel bad for leaving everyone here." I took to mean we are NOT invited to come along.

We are supposed to have a warm, partly sunny day today, in the 50*'s. Tomorrow and the next day offer a 60% opportunity of rain. Our driveway looks like the 'county road' at Becky's. Ben's truck was stuck almost to the axle... in the DRIVEWAY! (Our house is practically ON the road, like houses in town. There isn't a lot of driveway there. We are parking the vehicles right in the mouth of the drive. Tom spent Saturday (after moving Ben's truck... Ben ended up taking my car) filling in ruts. It is such a gooey mess out there.

Hope everyone is well. Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

you didn't say you were feeling bad!!!!! Hope you are lots better.