Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last glimpse of the Sun

It was sunny here just half an hour ago. The preliminary clouds marking the winter storm are now overhead. It is 28*, so if it starts raining, we will get ice. Ben and the twins headed for town to get a container of gasoline for the generator. I thought of something else to have them pick up, and called him. Apparently there has been some sort of accident ahead of them, and traffic is at a complete halt on the highway.

The Weather Channel featured Ben's Wal~Mart in Bentonville this morning... shelves completely bare! Ben said he is glad he is off yesterday and today, as the stores were jam packed with people preparing for the storm. Folks around here have dealt with ice storms often enough that we lay in supplies to last a few days when the power inevitably goes out. Which reminds me, I better get a load of white clothes washed!

The cold front has hit here, temperature dropping before my eyes. The moisture line headed up from the south looks like it may be just a couple of hours south of here... we are going to be pounded. What I will miss most is probably internet, LOL!

Anyway, time to gather a few things I just reminded myself of... like candles and matches where I can find them! Have a blessed day, and stay warm.

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