Friday, January 15, 2010

At Our house

I took the boys ice skating yesterday. Other than the time we went at Thanksgiving, this was the most crowded I have seen it. The boys met another home school kid, from Huntsville. I think they had a good time. We listened to a Mozart CD on the drive. Sam says, "You know, I think I am growing rather fond of classical music."

This morning, Ben is sick and stayed home from work. Dan and Sam were telling Ben and Mr C about a TV program they had seen, where a person was discussing building a time travel machine. Time dilation was discussed. Since this isn't the first time dilation discussion to be had here, everyone was pretty well up to speed on the theory. Time travel discussion went to Star Trek, Star Trek went to Star Wars, and then to light sabers.

Almost in stereo, Dan and Sam are telling why light sabers would be impractical and dangerous weapons, even to the wielder. "All of the weight is in the handle! You'd be as likely to cut yourself in half as to injure your opponent!"
I suggested, "Maybe they practice with the saber set to "stun".
"Mom! You CAN'T set a light saber to stun!"
Tom suggested it would be a good idea if they could...
Ben remarks, "That is what STICKS are for!"

OK. I'm fixing to head out for another fun filled day at O'Reilly's!
May your day be blessed!

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