Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loooong Weekend

It seems like a long weekend anyway. With unexpectedly getting the day off Friday, and being sent home early on Saturday, I have hardly been out of the house all week. Yesterday everyone pitched in and we deep cleaned the living room. The plants were watered; floor swept & mopped; everything from ceiling fan to picture frames and mini blinds were dusted.

My niece Tammy got married yesterday to Chris, a high school friend of my two oldest sons. I hadn't taken the day off, as I have missed so much work lately... then ended up not working anyway. The poor weather between here and there would of kept me from going, even if I had taken time off.
Poor weather caused my DIL to have a car wreck on her way to the wedding. She was not too far from her home when it happened.. but she hit a patch of ice and spun off the road, breaking a tie rod. She hurt her foot, and DGD (dear grand daughter) got a black eye... otherwise they were all OK. I am thankful that it wasn't worse for her and the three grandkids with her. The accident caused her to miss the wedding.
My brother had also taken time off work to see his eldest daughter wed. However, the ice/ snow storm had him trapped at his home... couldn't get out of the driveway for the 20 hour trip. (There is one more reason January is not the greatest month for weddings!)

My mom made Tammy and Chris a beautiful wedding cake.

I've read almost all of my library books. Cabin fever is setting in among the cow crew... Ben had today off but took off this morning "to get new tires on his truck". We are left to presume he has gone to his friend's house as well... since he could have had new tires put on five times by now. I'm glad he has friends!

Today it MIGHT get up to 33*! That is above freezing. Hooray! The ground is still covered by the snow that began falling Christmas eve. It may get a chance to melt off this week, with temps SOARING into the 40*'s!

That's all for now!

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