Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lost Time

Here it is Wednesday already! We are preparing for another blast of very wintery weather. The Weather Guessers are saying it isn't a question of IF we will get ice and snow, it is a question of how much of each we will get.

So I will head off to the grocery store some time today. Or make a list and send Ben. Maybe let Dan and Sam go do their library volunteering today, because I sure don't plan to get out tomorrow.

I had to ask Matt's Dad this morning, about a statement Matt had made to us. I had made Matt a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch... and he asked me if I would please put peanut butter on it. I told him No, peanut butter is not good on ham and cheese. Matt tells me, Yes, he likes peanut butter and ham on a sandwich. Mommy makes it for him at his house every day! His Dad laughed when I told him, we wonder where kids come up with some stuff.

I just can't believe this is already Wednesday! I did go in to work at O's yesterday... setting up the new sale in record time. I was done in an hour. The new sale had just a few changes from the old sale... all of the banner sales remained the same, so I didn't have to change window clings, nor the marquee.

I am trying to think of something to "look forward to". At the moment I am coming up blank. Mr C is taking off work from the 12th to the 22nd of February. He isn't sure if he is going anywhere... which means I am NOT looking forward to having him home every day. It is hard to get the boys lessons done around him. Dan and Sam are supposed to join their sister in a 5K run in early March. I do look forward to seeing the grandbabies then, assuming *I* get to drive the boys to San Angelo.

I suppose I better get them started on today's lessons, then try to put out a hotspot or two in the clutter here. Have a blessed day!

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