Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Mix

The winter mix hit us yesterday afternoon, with a good coating of freezing rain. The rain rapidly turned to sleet, and remained a sleet/snow mix all night. Mid-morning saw the mix turn more to snow/sleet, and finally to snow. The snow is supposed to continue through midnight. It is really coming down out there.

The boss called me off work today, which I really expected. Suits me fine to stay inside and watch the snow come down. Thankfully, the ice didn't bring down our power.

I got a call yesterday... my Dad had been taken by ambulance to the hospital. Yesterday, the doctors were disinclined to call it a heart attack, but due to a subsequent rise in his enzymes, they have decided he did, in fact have a mild myocardial infarction. He remains hospitalized for the next few days. Meanwhile, my brother remains hospitalized in Tennessee. He was taken in earlier this week with chest pains... but heart attack was ruled out as his diagnosis. The doctors still haven't figured out WHAT his health issue is, so he continues to be tested. Please keep the two Robert B.'s in your prayers.

Our high speed internet equipment has arrived, but will not be in effect until Monday. I can hardly wait! Meanwhile, we will be cleaning and re-arranging our equipment.

I was just about to kick the twins off the TV and get them started on some additional school work, when I stopped to look at what they were watching. "Modern Marvels"! It is chock full of history... today they are exploring modern harvesting equipment. It is more educational than anything I had planned for today. My kids... I think they spend more time on the History and Science TV channels than on any type of entertainment stations.

Wow. The snow is POURING down! And supposed to keep up for the next 12 hours! Just, WOW.

Have a blessed day. Thank you for your prayers!

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