Monday, January 4, 2010

One of THOSE days...

I didn't sleep well last night, acid reflux so bad it felt like a heart attack... except when I would sit up, it would reduce.... and having been on the drugs for the AR in the past, I know what it feels like. Guess I ought to break out the bottle of liquid chalk again. And I won't be having any more of my chili for awhile.

I got up when Tom was leaving for work, expecting Matthew. Here it is 10:30, and I JUST realized he isn't due back until tomorrow. Duh! I could of slept in!

We got another blanketing of snow last night and this morning... The snow has stopped and it is sunny out now, though frigidly cold. That should be all of the snowfall until day after tomorrow.

Daniel and Sam are working on their school lessons. I need to go to the bank, and the library. But I probably won't do it, at least not today. Maybe tomorrow after Matt heads home.... if the roads are clearer. I have a bad case of hibernation. Or maybe I WILL go this afternoon, Dan just asked me if we could.

My niece Tammy is getting married this weekend, to a young man my two oldest boys graduated high school with. She met him through her cousins. That is pretty cool.
Both of my parents and their spouses are going to attend the wedding, as well as several of my children. I have to work, so those of us in this house won't be able to attend. The weather both here and there has been frightful, and it promises to be worse here by the weekend.

I was going to post a few snow pictures in the blog today... but that would mean actually going outside and TAKING some pictures. I did go out early this morning (waiting for Matthew) and sweep the snow off the porch steps and a path to the front door. I tried taking some pictures, but it was overcast and gloomy... just nothing to really be interested in. So, no pix on this post.

However, Becky did start a "project 365", chronicling the new year in pictures . The address for that is: Becky's Project 365 (A clickable link!)

Guess that's all from me for now!
Have a blessed day!

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Mom said...

Hi ....guess we were 'up together' I had that ole AR also...mine was probably from the meatloaf...took the chalkie before I went to bed..then finally gave up, got up, and hunted the vinegar about midnight. That is usually my last resort...don't know why I don't just grab it first. I need to get started on 'the cake' today. They are calling for fridgid here, but not showing any precip so far...sure hope we don't get any until after the weekend for sure.