Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday Sam was finally ready for the next step in tanning the rabbit hide from the bunny he shot several weeks ago. It had been soaking in a tanning solution. I refused to let him bring the bucket of solution into the house. (I'm mean like that.) He needed a safe place for it to soak. I suggested UNDER the house was less likely to freeze than any other spot I could think of.

Sam dragged the bucket from under the house, where it HAD frozen. (We have had 3 weeks of sub-freezing temperatures!) He saw that the soak liquid had not frozen solid. He got the ice out of the bucket, and broke it open. No rabbit hide. He smashed every large piece of ice, to no avail. His hide had been stolen! The only critter I can think of that would take something from "water" in a bucket would be a raccoon. Sam is pretty disappointed.

Sam and I went to the library yesterday. On the way to town, he asked if he could become a volunteer at the library. While we were there, we looked into it. We picked up applications for both Sam and Dan to apply as volunteers. I am thinking volunteering will be very good for them. Get them out of the house on a regular basis, interacting with others.

The weather made it up to 40* yesterday, however briefly. It was great. In places where the sun reached, the snow melted. The ground is either still frozen, or saturated, because the melted snow water remains in squishy puddles until night, when it refreezes into slick spots. The brilliant idea of filling the puddle in front of the porch with sand, backfired. The saturated sand turned to an ice brick.

We are expecting this week to have good weather, in the 40*'s until sometime next week. I am so happy about that! Maybe things will pick up at work and I will be working Friday and Saturday. Chances are, though, I will only work one of those days, or maybe only a part of both days. And I am off Sundays... Yay! The downside of my hours being reduced, is the pennies will be getting pinched! I have time off to DO stuff, but no wherewithal to do it with.

Matthew is up. His Daddy brought him with McDonalds for breakfast. Just what he needs after puking all over the kitchen during lunch yesterday: A sausage McGriddle and chocolate milk. I don't know if his Daddy knows it or not, but Matthew seldom eats the sausage. Guess I should get off here and get busy. Ben wants to go antiquing today, and I am sure the twins will want to go with him, so they best be doing their lessons right away.

Have a blessed day!

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