Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Just two months until I will be on MomArlene's deck... on my birthday. I can hardly wait. Mr C gets to go up in September... and October.... AND November. He has worked hard all these years to get so much vacation time. Paid vacation time. Where my time off in October is going to cost us over $300 I won't be earning. Guess I better start stashing some $$ back somewhere. Still... I can hardly wait!

Yesterday Matt did well on his potty training. He only had one incident all day. We are getting somewhere- I hope. Little Boys tend to be a bit more difficult than little girls at catching on to this potty stuff. Ben was the easiest kid- EVER. Shortly after Tommy was born, Ben began taking himself to the bathroom. He trained himself in short order- at about 19 or 20 months. (I always said it was his way of getting attention- he was no longer the baby (center of attention).) Next easiest was Becky. She was about 16 months old when we visited the undies section of Kmart. I showed her a pair of little white rumba panties with red ruffles, and promised to get her some as soon as she was going potty on the toilet. In no time at all, we were back there getting them for her. It is amazing how much little ones grasp about what you tell them.

I can remember my Mom leaving me and my brother Ricky at a nursery on a couple of occasions. I was somewhere between 18 to 22 months old. (Judging because Ricky was a little bitty baby). Mom dropped us off and left us playing. I looked around, and she was gone. I felt abandoned, and cried til I fell asleep. I remembered it so clearly, I decided that a baby is never too small to have things explained to him. So I would tell my kids I was leaving them someplace, but I would be back to get them. They may not have LIKED staying there, but it was less traumatic than thinking your Mommy had lost you.

Check out Becky's blog from yesterday. Tyrel demonstrated he understands a lot more than one would expect from a one year old. And from Becky's blog- she has a link to her friend Kyla's blog... and Kyla has a CUTE picture of Tyrel hamming it up at Cabela's in Ft Worth.

Hmmm, maybe I will just go swipe that picture!

Cute, isn't he?

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