Monday, August 18, 2008

Here I am

Just when you thought I had finally shut up and gone away!
I have had a very busy time since I last posted. My counterpart at O's quit, and I have put in extra hours since Wednesday. And in addition to the extra hours, the store was extra busy!
We have still had school, errands, Matthew- all the usual stuff. It all added up to being too tired to get on the computer.

Mr C found a modem for the dinosaur. He and Ben spent an entire afternoon getting it installed and the computer revamped. Not that it runs any better- but it should get a faster connection speed. All the way up to a 44bps! Once Ben and Tom were done, Daniel and Sam got on and have tied up the computer playing Sim City. I have been too tired to demand they let ME have a turn.

This morning, the boys are working on lessons. Matthew is putting together a run from the wooden train set. In between whisking Matt off to the potty, answering questions and demonstrating lessons, I am trying to write.

We are still in review mode- but I am excited about the new books we have been getting. Spelling review has the words which they most frequently ask me to spell for them. These words will stay on the list until they GET them! I also added the boys' middle names to the spelling list. Sam assured me he could already spell Robert... R-o-b-t-r-e. Daniel said no one has ever asked him to spell Josiah. So both names will be learned by both boys.

After I got home and had supper last night, we drove down to the little local lake, and the boys and Tom all fished. They didn't get so much as a nibble- but it was nice to get out together and DO something. At least the GUYS did something. I sat in the van- too wiped out to hike around the water. I did take a couple of pictures of the sky and cliffs reflecting off the lake.

The weather here has been so great the last week. Cooler, a bit rainy. We haven't had to turn the air on all week! I have heard a lot of 'old timer' local farmers commenting about it. They all seem to think this will be a harsh winter coming this year. Tom and I have been reading about how solar flares affect the weather. The solar flares run in cycles.. and even the cycles have cycles. The fewer solar flares observed, the harsher the winter. We are entering the portion of the cycle where there have been few solar flares- thus the expectation of a hard winter ahead... maybe even several hard winters. The charts we saw were very interesting.

Well this post is taking half the morning- I guess I will just publish and save anything else for another time. Have a wonderful day!

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truth said...

That is interesting about the solar flair theory. We set a record for the most days of 90 degrees in a row this summer. Not by 1 or 2 days, but 6! Then the past few days it was icy weather-the mountains even got snow. We had almost no rain in july which is unusual, then we got almost 2 inches in 4 days. That is unheard of here. The weather has gone crazy. I just hope we don't have a hard winter. I'm not ready for that.