Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Running out of Month

Yesterday, Matt made the potty five times! Unfortunately- one of the times he didn't was an adult sized bm... horridly gross. But he is getting better about telling me when he needs to go.

After Matt went home, the boys and I went to Lowes and then to WalMart. I got a new lampshade for my ugly old brass lamp. The twins have been having way too much fun with the old, broken shade. Of course, they stopped as soon as I got out the camera. It was a headdress, a "no scratch" collar, a 'drunk at a party' prop, and more.

I got supplies to make Amber an apron and a chef's hat for her birthday. I got her a muffin pan, some spoons, a measuring cup, and will send her some various sprinkles to go on the cupcakes she can bake. (Mom and Dad can let her choose the cake mix and frosting). I need to get these made and IN THE MAIL today. I opted for making her the items when I went looking for them online. They were poorly made, yet expensive. Or better quality and astronomically priced. I looked at real metal child sized cookware- but it was a severe burn waiting to happen. It was meant to be used in pretending to cook- not real cooking. So she is getting 'the real McCoy' muffin pan.
My goodness- my little boys are so cute. OK- so they aren't all that little anymore. But when they start talking to me about something that really excites them- their cuteness just turns me to a marshmallow! Daniel was just telling about his 'perfect kitchen'. All black appliances, and granite countertops. I just wanted to squeeze him.... which of course, I can't. He is twelve and one simply does NOT hug a twelve year old boy.
I went to a Home Interiors party and BBQ on Saturday afternoon after work. Dan and Sam went with me. There were two girls there that were 12 and 13- and another 13 year old boy. The little girls came in squealing and giggling a short while after the twins went out in the yard. They ran to their Mom, who happened to be standing next to me. Oh the cute twins! Oh they are our age. Oh! Squeal squeal squeal. OhMom OH squeal!
Their Mom turned them to face me, and said, yes- here is their Mom. The girls went scarlet. It was pretty funny. Dan and Sam were fairly oblivious- or have mastered the 'staying cool in the presence of squealing females' face. Thank You, Lord, for letting us homeschool. My kids have been able to stay KIDS and not be exposed to these things at too young an age.

As far as the Home Interiors party went- I was late getting there due to the job. The lady was packing up as I arrived. I got a catalog- and am trying to find SOMETHING to order. Mostly, I *choke gasp* at the prices. I really like one little flower pot. It is even on sale. But I don't like it enough to work three hours to pay for it.
Yep- it would cost me what I earn in three hours working for OReilly's, for a six inch flower pot. I just can't bring myself to do it. I do still have the catalog, and got some decorating ideas from it... but I guarantee you I can put together something as pretty for far less money.

Sam and Dan are working on finishing up yesterday's science lesson. I ordered the curriculum from the same publisher I used last year. Last year's teacher's manual had a copy of the student text- this year it does not. So I have to sit next to one of the boys and read over his shoulder- referring back to my book- read more over the shoulder. I am NOT happy with that. Oh well. Our lesson was late getting started yesterday, as Mr C was home for lunch. He turns the radio on- loud. The boys had finished their lunch before he got home, but we couldn't get back to work until Tom left. They did some as homework last night- but have several definitions to finish today.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading.

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