Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ow! Oh! OW! OH! to see the doc I go

After an uncomfortable evening and a miserable night, I called the doc. I am now started on an antibiotic. Hopefully, this will clear it up.

Today's potty training score : Couch/floor 1; potty 1.

(He was in a diaper while I went to the doc, so Ben didn't have to cart him to the potty every 15 minutes.)

I assigned 'journal' as schoolwork today, I just wasn't up to lessons. Funny, when I said for them to "write in your journals"- Matt got REALLY excited and grabbed a pencil and paper. He did "school" yesterday too. I have his impressive scribbles on the fridge.

Well, Matt was just picked up. I have to lay down. Hope you have a grand day!

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truth said...

Hope the antibiotic kicks in quick. Those are such a pain.