Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swiping ideas

Jenni from "One Thing" (one of my favorite bloggers) has a SWEET letter that her eldest daughter has written posted on her blog.

And Jenni has also posted this week about their battle with chicken pox running amok in her house. Since I don't have a grandbaby in the works (that I am aware of) I thought I would tell about some of our chicken pox incidents.

The first round of chicken pox hit us when Chris was about four- maybe five years old. He very seriously told his Grandma Rose he didn't see HOW he could have chicken pox... he had never even petted a chicken! I think Bill caught a mild case about the same time.

The second time chicken pox hit us, Bill Joe was about ten years old. He had stayed overnight with a boy from the church we were attending. Several days later, I got a call from the boy's mom... both boys had apparently been exposed to chicken pox. She had taken her son to the doctor, and confirmed that the kid's EIGHT SPOTS were chicken pox. I sent Chris in to check on why Bill wasn't out of bed yet... and heard a SCREAM! There was a monster in Bill's bed.

Poor Bill. When he catches something, he goes all out. He was so covered- everywhere- that he couldn't even close his mouth. He was scary looking- and miserable. (And his friend got EIGHT spots!) Chris had already had the chicken pox. I can't remember if Becky or Ben caught them from Bill or not. I know Tommy didn't. (He was not quite two at the time.)

Our last bout of "chicken spots" came during the last few weeks of public school. I know Tommy caught them, and shared. Daniel and Sam were 11 months old. They were not immune- despite breastfeeding. They had spots all over them in their first birthday pictures. And Bill caught them... again. Another really severe case- not quite as bad as when he was 10. He has proven that you CAN get the chicken pox more than once. (I don't recall which round Ben and Becky caught them- but I'm pretty sure they did.)


Becky is getting to go to her friend's wedding! Seneca (My DIL) is the professional photographer for the occasion. Becky and Stephen will travel to Seneca's, and ride with her. Yay! I hadn't realized Seneca was the photographer until she mentioned it yesterday. Seneca suggested the whole plan, and she and Becky worked out the details.

I am feeling better- still 'uncomfortable', but MUCH better. Sam came in while I was talking on the phone to Becky yesterday. He said he was not feeling well- and said I had given him what I had. I said what I had was not contagious... and Becky told me to go ahead and explain what I had and why it was not contagious. I mentioned Becky's suggestion to Sam- he said he would take my word for it- he didn't want it explained... PLEASE! (Funny how some kids cringe know when something will involve more information than they wanted to know!)

OK... its beyond time for lessons to start.

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Becky said...

we got them when the twins did. I remember.