Thursday, August 14, 2008

really long day

Yesterday. Up to bring Matthew in at 5:30am. We did regular lessons for school (not just reading and journaling.) Matt was 50/50 in the potty department- but went through ALL of undies I had here for him. (I spent at least an hour total standing in the bathroom -waiting.) I wasn't feeling great. When Wanda (Matt's Mom) came to pick him up, the boys and I planned to go to the library.

Before Wanda left- I got a call from O's. Could I PLEASE pleasepleasepleaseplease come in to work? Turned out that my counterpart who was hired along with me, was a no-call no-show. So I went to work. The boss thanked me for coming in- so I asked him about taking time off in October. (Get them while he was grateful!) He negotiated- would I be willing to work this Sunday? I decided Ben and Mr C could watch Matthew one day.... and agreed to work Sunday. What days in October did I want off?

Mr C had finally decided on our plan of action. He would head up on the 17th. I have to work the 16, 17, and 18. On the 19th I fly up. So Wanda is getting coverage for Matthew on the 19-26th. O's is scheduling me off for the 23-25th, and we will drive back the 26th. Once again, I will be in Ohio on my birthday.

For the last several years, it seems I have been travelling on my birthday. Last year, Becky and I were on the road from her house to mine on my birthday. We stopped in to see my Aunt Jean- and had an impromptu party. Chris was already moved to DFW with his new job. Bill and Glynna *happened to be* in the area to go to Six Flags. My neice Tammy *happened to* call Chris, and decided to come over. My Mom and brother came to see Becky and I and Tyrel. My grandkids Connor and Alana were visiting Chris while their Mom and SF got moved to DFW.

All in all- I had thirteen or fourteen people converge on my Aunt's house on my birthday. My Aunt knew Becky and I were coming. She knew my Mom was going to stop by to see Becky and I while we were there. Everyone else just showed up! My Mom brought me a birthday pie. We ordered pizza's. I kept apologising to my Aunt for the sudden appearance of an entire crowd. She called it a "divine appointment". We all had a great time.


So anyway- I got to do all three of my 'jobs'. Homeschool teacher, babysitter, and parts clerk at O's. While battling a UTI. Since we postponed the library yesterday- I am headed there this morning. (After I hit publish... and shower... and get a load of clothes on to wash.) We also have a package to mail to Tommy. Then I work 3-7 at O's.

At least the antibiotic seems to be working!

Have a blessed day!


truth said...

So when EXACTLY is your birthday????

~Tammy~ said...

LOL... It is the 20th of October.