Friday, August 22, 2008

Or Else....?

As I mentioned, the kid that was hired at the same time I was at O's has already quit. That put the boss in a bind- he asked me to work last Sunday. Now he wants me to work EVERY Sunday, and he is NOT hiring anyone else. He says there is a hiring freeze.

Sunday, I have Matt. Tom and Ben could watch him. But Sunday is also the only day off Tom and I have together. So I am going to go in today and decline accepting Sundays as a permanent assignment. The boss didn't say I would be 'let go' if I cannot work Sunday. It was just sort of implied.

Tom says I could look for a different job. Oh Joy. I just LOVE job hunting.


Here are recent photoes of Samuel and Dan:



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Becky said...

Oh, those are good pictures of Sam and Dan. I hope you get fired!...well, maybe not, but then you could come visit me!