Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'Tis the Season

To be sneezy.
Ragweed season- the worst time of the year. I know that from now until the first hard frost- I will be chomping down antihistamines and snorting Rhinocort to be able to function at all. My throat is already sore and my eyes are crusty. I hate ragweed!

I took the picture at the top of the blog last week at the local fishing lake in Decatur. I didn't even notice the turtle until after I put the picture on the blog. It is such a big picture file- my subtitle doesn't show up. And the part you see is just the left half of the photo... which also has a nice cove over to the right. The picture really came out prettier than the lake is in person. I managed to keep the scum out of the photo... and you can't smell the overwhelming fishy stagnant water odor.

Matt isn't here today- his Mommy stayed home sick. And with this weekend being Labor day, his Dad isn't going back to DFW until Tuesday, so he won't be here this Sunday and Monday. Selfishly, I do hope they keep up his potty routine. He had a perfect score yesterday- not one accident all day. Of course, that was mostly because I didn't give him a chance to slip up. I took him every 10 minutes if he didn't "go", until he produced. Then I waited half an hour before we would try again. If he produced, it was another half hour to the next try. If not- it was back to taking him every 10 minutes. Lavish praise when he would produce... plus he got to turn the light off. (What a privilege!)

I have been having the strange uneasy feeling I sometimes get. It feels like something is 'wrong' in my universe... a "disruption in the force", for lack of a better discription. Maybe it is the newly re-started Claritin and Rhinocort... or maybe I will hear about a problem later. It really bothers me to feel like this! I feel sloggy from taking over the counter allergy pills all night- the kind that DO make a person sleepy.


Time to get with the program and buckle down to schoolwork!

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