Monday, August 25, 2008


I wrote "or else" Friday morning, after Mr C and I had hashed things over Thursday evening and Friday morning. At noon Friday, Mr C said maybe I ought to go ahead and accept Sundays, since we don't 'do' anything anyway, except hang around the house.

I told the boss OK, I will work Sundays. I stated my misgivings- it was mine and Tom's only day together- even with Matthew here, it isn't like working. The boss asked did I want to keep working Thursdays? After giving it some thought- I realized if I don't work Thursdays, I will have a whole day off. Of course, I would still have errands and homeschool and housework... but no outside commitments at all. So next time Boss man makes the schedule, I will be working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I worked all weekend. For once, O's wasn't busy. The days dragged. Fifteen minutes lasted an hour. I was really glad to get home back to the house. Mr C was all excited last night. The minute I walked in- he pulled up the latest greatest house in Ohio.

Go look at it while you are there...

Yep, just about 2 weeks until Tom goes up for the opening game. At least I THINK it is the opener. (Ohio State Football, in case you were wondering). The boys are going with him. I think. You know how plans change around here! He was concerned about the twins missing three days of school by going. I was concerned about them being alone here two days on the weekend while I work. Besides, Gramma Arlene hasn't seen them since January.

Gramma Arlene's antique kitty disappeared about three weeks ago. We are pretty sure something got her... so Gramma has been a bit lonely without MamaKitty. Uncle Buck's cat (the one I took him from Chris and Seneca) is going to have kittens. GMa is going to adopt a couple of those, so they will be company for one another. UB is still crabbing that he really wanted one of Becky's tailless kitties. Think I ought to get Becky to fix him up?

Petey the Goldfish has perfected his trick of playing dead. Almost every morning, we find him floating belly up, like an upside down "U". Watching him carefully, you can see his gills move from time to time. Sprinkle some food in the tank, and he struggles upright and grazes. He spends half the day trying to overcome buoyancy- desperately swimming downwards. Yet at other times, he seems just like the other fish. Petey is what?- six years old now- and he has been blind for several years. That's pretty old for a goldfish. I think he is the last of the original fish we had in Marlow. {We have Petey, Tassadar, Jimmy Raynar, and Finix}. I wonder how many goldfish have been flushed that were only playing dead?

LOL, I remember Chris and Bill once brought home a baby catfish about the size of my thumb. They had found it in a puddle after some minor flood. They rescued it and put it in our aquarium. A few days later, we noticed it was now the ONLY fish in the tank. Mr Catfish was returned to the wild!

Have a blessed day today!


Anonymous said...

well I have a grand idea---if they are all going to Ohio you can come visit me on your 'day off'

Becky said...

I like your new layout and picture.